Monday, February 22, 2010

Old Melodies :))

Old folk songs have their own melody and beauty which is unmatched and time it Bhojpuri,Punjabi,Bengali,Oriya,Malyalam or any other tongue...these songs touch hearts even today and although one might not understand the meaning but the music remains with you forever....

We had all gathered in this Indian restaurant to bid farewell to my husbands' long time colleague and friend along with other assorted Desis....the atmosphere was happy...the food was good....after a couple of beers, My husband started humming this tune and then broke out singing(who incidentally is an amazing singer) this old punjabi song which left everyone spell bound...although I could not understand much of the lyrics,but the music touched my soul with its sheer beauty...even the restaurant owner and his wife started listening (who are also punjabi) and his wife couldnt stop praising my husband afterwards :))

Thats the beauty of these old songs...they have meaning...charisma and above all great MUSIC.....Music is a great binds souls together...brings unity even in cultural diversity...develops a sense of belonging and togetherness and above all brings immense joy and emanicipation :))


  1. :) :)..............niceeeee.....

  2. True songs of the yore take your pressures away.. lotta meaning in them and melodies are awesome